Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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A quick look at this season new shows on your favorite channel


If there’s a naked celebrity over the table, and a sexy, attention deficit disorder, illegal alien from Brazil with a can full of scalding hot wax on her hands near her, it must be Tuesday.

That’s right. Bravo presents “Waxing Out”, a new reality series that follows the glamorous and dangerous life of Lulu Santos de Almeida, waxer to the stars.

Facing the challenges of living in a Third World country with a severe phsyquiatric disorder, Lulu arrived in Hollywood two years ago in search of a better life.
She did not have papers, but she had a dream.

After her talent became internationally recognized in candid photographs of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears coming out of cars, Lulu found herself being crowned as the “Brazilian queen” of wax-land. But, Is she really happy?

You’ll be the judge.

Our cameras will follow Lulu from gritty immigration detention centers in east L.A. to the fabulous red carpet at the Oscars… where a star will be severely burned!.

Watch what happens.


From the producers of “Top Chef”, “Gay, Straight or Taken?” and “To Catch a Predator” comes a heart pounding, sexually explicit and socially questionable competition for the title of “America’s Next Top Pervert.”

16 contestants from all walks of life- just two of them are catholic priests- will fight for a prize of $100,000 to start their own web site, a 10-year subscription to the Abercrombie & Fitch “Back to School” catalog, and an honorary membership to the “Man to Boy” organization.

Judges Chris Hansen, Mark Foley and Cardinal Bernard F. Law will join a celebrity guest each week to judge challenges that will include speed-typing with one hand and hacking the parental controls of MySpace.

16 perverts. But only one will be “America’s Next Top Pervert”.

“The most disgusting piece of trash since ‘Shear Genius’. Simply irresistible”, says The New York Times.


Following the success of “Project Runway”, “The Swan” and “Make Me a Supermodel”, Bravo presents “Project Burka”, the first Muslim- sensitive makeover show in American television.

A group of Koran obsessed, Allah fearing, burka wearing women from the Pakistan-Afghanistan border area, will come to Hollywood to train international porn star, Jenna Jameson, on the secrets of their modest lifestyle.

At the end of season one, will Jenna be covered from head to toe in black and never drive her convertible Porsche again for fear to be stoned to death? Or will be the fanatic Islamic women who will turn their lives around and be seduced by the ritz and glitz of Penthouse parties and multimillion porn contracts?

“Project Burka (With Jenna Jameson)”…Watch what happens

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