Monday, December 17, 2007

The Next Time...

So the next time you wake up feeling bad about yourself, the next time you see yourself in the mirror and think “I look like shit” and you don’t care because your boss treats you badly, your lover didn’t kiss you good bye or your hair is just soooo out of proportion with your bone structure, just open the New York Times and read about that poor little young Liberian/American boy from Staten Island who, at 13, was sent by his mother back to whatever the capital of Liberia is so he would stay away from drugs, drug dealers and gangs, and spent four years there, in the middle of a ghastly war where he saw a bunch of child soldiers rape and dismember a pregnant woman in the streets, until he finally came back home to Staten Island talking about how life is a struggle and how Jesus will save us, and then made his mom so happy because he got a job at Old Navy carrying boxes but then lost the job when he was always late because the bus system in Staten Island sucks and he could not be on time, so it was all back to drugs and gangs for him and now his mom is really, really sad.

Just think of that.

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